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The 4Sight OT Cluster provides key 4IR technologies and services needed to help industrial customers with their full end-to-end digital transformation journey, while following a cost effective and low risk self-funding methodology.  This allows customers to remain competitive in the digital economy while making sure any digital initiative has a 6-month or better return on investment (ROI)

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Resilience and Your Digitalization Strategy

Digital tools can equip businesses to respond to unprecedented change. Learn how digitalization can boost resilience.






Using Digital Twin Technology in Mining

The benefit of the digital twin range from an "all immersive view" to a timeline change, with constant updates.  Learn how to prevent unnecessary capital expenditure, quantify throughput and identify bottlenecks within various processes.

Predictive Maintenance is Driving Improvements in Safety and Environmental Impact.

Gain the highest return on critical assets from predictive maintenance. Bridge the IT/OT gap.  Digitize you mobile workforce, why, how and the benefits that follow.


Improve Planning & Scheduling Control via Continuous Simulation 

Learn how a multitude of simulation algorithms can optimise the workflow scheduling of various operations across your enterprise.

Using Multivariate Analysis to Recover Millions in Flare Losses at Braskem

 Learn how Braskem Process Engineers investigated losses in a downstream column and used Aspen ProMV to quickly resolve the problem and maintain with real-time alerting — saving >$1M a year in losses to flare.  - CASE STUDY


OT/IT Convergence - Who is really in control of your process?

This presentation will focus on:  The effect on my Manufacturing Process.  Where is the edge? On-Premise vs Off-Premise Technologies. The Operation Technology roadmap to Smart Manufacturing.

Advanced Process Control - Latest Developments

AspenTech's recent development, vision & direction including AI and Machine learning with centralised monitoring non-linear capabilities and the new calibrate option.


Cyber Security on our Operational Technology Network

(more information to follow)

Advanced Process Control - In Action

Improve ROI with rapid controller deployment, continuous improvement and simplified workflows using patented Adaptive Control Technology at South32 - CASE STUDY


Smart Metering as a Service (SMaaS) using Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) Devices on Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) technologies

This presentation will focus on technologies that enable customers to gain insights about their utility consumption patterns.

MES - In Action at Glencore Alloys

How important is MES for Industry 4.0?  Learn how to improve quality by 30% and reduce variability for operational excellence.



Maximise Warehouse Efficiencies and Improve your ROI

Optimising a warehouse can get tricky, as there are many different variables to deal with.  This topic will focus on how to optimise your warehouse using software that will make slotting and picking more effective and efficient.

Improve project and operations performance with actionable data insights from across the enterprise.

Learn how to drive greater collaboration through an automated, seamless flow of information to manage workflows and make decisions across business functions faster.