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The 4Sight BE cluster partners with our customers to drive value creating digital transformation.  Digital transformation of an enteire enterprise requires the convergence of the OT and IT environments so that business applications can be developed on enterprise data that enables better and more informed business decisions.

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Transforming your Business into Enterprise 5.0

Digitising and implementing Industry4 solutions in the IT and OT environments are foundation initiatives in your digital transformation roadmap, but to transform your business to the digital, agile, intelligent enterprise of the future - Enterprise5.0, you need to maximise the power of the cloud by modernising your environment, solutions and applications and implement a structured, source system independent and scalable enterprise data strategy. Our engagement with our customers starts with various assessments with the objective to identify measurable benefits and savings as we transform the enterprise creating a self-funding transformation roadmap. 


Solution Assessment to Managed Service 

Unlocking value during these challenging times could a challenge for most companies. Adding to this an organisations future view of continually being relevant in a digital economy is very relevant on one of the top priorities for technology and business leaders. This session will focus on the path to consider to achieve these to current challenges.


Process Automation and Intelligent BPM as a service

An in depth review of an existing customer in the Agriculture space, modelling their ERP data procure to pay, sales to cash and stock replenishment processes. We make use of process simulation technology to support our discovery and execution Bottlenecks and link to machine learning and artificial intelligence to streamline and automate tasks or activities within the business processes.


Data Vault Automation 

Data Vault, the world’s leading Data Modelling methodology, is vital to furthering your analytics journey and transforming your organisation to have a data-driven culture.
Without Data Vault, data warehouses are difficult and time-consuming to change causing latency issues and slowing time to value. 


Infomatica Data Governance

Data governance is a set of principles, standards, and practices that ensures your data is reliable and consistent, and that it can be trusted to drive business initiatives, make decisions, and power digital transformations. A successful data governance program enables you to do these things in a way that is repeatable, and which can scale and adapt as data volumes—and sources—grow and technologies evolve. In short, good data governance means you can use your data with confidence, both now and in the future.


Continuous Assessment of your Technology Landscape 

A platform that enables you to create an ecosystem of digital services to govern, manage and monitor your business and technology landscape.  ALICE combines intelligent automation with cognitive capabilities to continually asses business and technology environments and identify opportunities for improvement in compliancy and security, optimisation and cost savings through further digital initiatives.


Application modernisation in the Digital Economy 

To really thrive in today’s fast moving digital economy, you off course need infrastructure that accelerates your business. But what about the applications that drives your business? Applications need to keep up with ever more complex and critical data flows. Your applications need to evolve in order to compete on a global scale. You need integration of critical applications and data into your digital business and cloud strategy. Speed, agility, scale while bridging the old with the new, is what needs to happen.