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The Converge2020 Summit presenters will discuss the next wave of digital transformation, offering expert perspectives on the opportunities provided by new Enterprise 5.0 technologies and share thoughts on how today’s leaders can achieve long-term success. Other topics for discussion include the Industrial Internet of Things, edge computing, machine learning and advanced analytics that help to drive higher profit margins, better quality, greater operational efficiency and agility.





Why People are the cornerstone of the Fifth Industrial Revolution?

This 5IR asks the question: How can you make the world ‘better’ rather than just ‘more efficient’ or ‘more productive’? The fourth and fifth industrial revolutions will work in parallel, with the 5IR defining the ethics and impact of the technology developed in the fourth.   It will not only affect how machines are used to create products but how we live in general. We’re already getting used to the idea of a ‘digital native’ throwing out the rulebooks of 9-to-5 employment but this is likely to expand even further.




The Self-Optimizing Plant: A New Era of Autonomy, Powered by Industrial AI.

In today’s VUCA environment, organizations are turning to digitalization and AI to develop autonomous and semi-autonomous processes that enable new levels of safety, sustainability and profitability. This is where the journey to the Self-Optimizing Plant begins.




Empowering the organisation of the

future through the Power of the Cloud.

  • How are organisations evolving in the modern digital economy thanks to Cloud​




The world is at war.  Prepare for an

accidental future.

The internet is the greatest disruption in the history of business. Its convergence with data, mobile and other forms of technology is transforming business in ways nobody had ever imagined. Be prepared to dissolve your ideas of today and reset them into future fit forms for tomorrow.